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Gerascophobia: It is an intense and persistent fear of ageing or growing old; also termed as plastic literature holder gerontophobia. They may howl when they hear the sound of sirens. Also called pediophobia or pediaphobia, the recognized outcomes of this phobia include paternalism, adult ism, and by extension, ageism. When left alone for long periods, dogs could suffer from separation anxiety. Epistaxiophobia: It is an irrational and persistent fear associated with nosebleeds. The general symptoms are dislike or avoidance of light. Inappropriate Urination and Defecation When your dog urinates or defecates in the house despite being toilet trained, it may be trying to convey his displeasure on certain things like being left alone or a change in food. Thus, you won't find the swarms of flying ants in the house for more than a day or two. Technophobia: It is an intense fear or aversion towards advanced technology or complex devices, like, computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. There is no additional treatment, as time passes, the limping eases and stops.

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Where are they coming from? Astrophobia: It is an exaggerated and intense fear of stars, celestial space exhibition displays or universe. Epistaxiophobia: It is an irrational and persistent fear associated with nosebleeds. Such pain often spreads to the hip and causes pain while walking. Ambulophobia: It is an unusual fear of walking or standing, in which people may prefer to crawl on their hands and knees rather than walking. In the larval stage, the flea just stays hidden in your carpet or sofas, feeding on whatever organic material they can find. Anginophobia: It is a persistent and irrational fear of angina, choking, suffocating, or narrowness of the throat. The adage “look before you leap” is a lifesaver. Ensure that all electrical appliances are properly grounded. Also, regular grooming of your pet is essential to make sure all the fleas have been removed from your pet.